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Can't Login

I am running a network on thr Jamroom platform. I have multiple members complaining of "partial login". By that I mean they are showing as logged in because their name appears in the menu but they have no edit buttons just like they are logged out.

Personally, my login ability is gone altogether. I can't get in through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

I had my master admin and personal account hooked to the same Facebook account which might have caused issues. So I have been trying to "unlink" my personal account. However, it won't let me, I try to unlink and nothing happens.

Brian the lead developer at Jamroom says that pop-up window (screenshot blow is controlled on your end. Why does the unlink account option do nothing? As in nothing happens, the account remains linked.



  • Hi Ken,

    this error means that when you first connected using Facebook (login or link) the Jamroom platform did not save the OneAll user_token in their database.

    When you now connect using Facebook, the Jamroom platform does not provide the correct user_token (or provides no user_token at all) and our system cannot recognize that it's actually your own account.

    We can manually remove your Facebook account from our system so that you can relink it, Jamroom should however check their implementation or the error might happen again.

    Do you want us to remove the linked Facebook account?
  • Yes and I also can't log-in with Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger. So perhaps we remove everything and I attempt to relink all.

    Please give me "baby steps" because I find his process intimidating and out of my league. Im not a programmer just a network operator.
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    Hi Ken,

    can you please give me your OneAll subdomain?
    I will then have a closer look.

  • Well the domain I use OneAll on is which runs on the Jamroom platform. I currently have social login disabled on that end because of the "false" login condition some were getting.

    When I look in my OneAll account it says subdomain indiegospel so I assume that is the answer you are looking for.

  • Hi Ken,

    there are in total 227 social network accounts being used on your website. I don't think that it would be a good idea to remove all of them. Some users might no longer be able to login. Maybe we can just purge your social network accounts?

    What do you think?

  • Hi Claude,

    I am clueless with this stuff. Even the Jamroom guys are unsure how to proceed since there are so many interconnected things at play for this to work. So whatever you advise I will follow. Just give me baby steps so I don't get lost - LOL.
  • Hi Ken,

    If you don't mind I would like to try something first.

    1. Could you please logout from your website.
    2. Then login with Facebook (this should create a new account).
    3. Then check if you can unlink your Facebook account.

    If this works, you can relink it after having logged in with your main account.

  • OK - I will try that but I have a higher priority issue I am dealing with right now. I'll get back to you on this, Thanks.
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