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I want to delete my account with OneAll and nobody's responding to my tickets


I've submitted 2 support tickets in the past 10 days asking how to cancel our Monthly plan and delete the account and all of its data but I still haven't got any response back and my account is still active.

Are you experiencing troubles with the ticketing system?
Can you please tell me what I need to do to remove my account and all of its data?

Even though your service is great, we implemented a custom solution and thus won't be needing your service anymore.


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    Same situation around here.
    More than a month waiting for answers to my tickets and in the meantime they are charging me three plans that are already canceled.
    Today, I had to resort to the Paypal Resolution Center to block payments to OneAll.
    I really did not expect this from this company, they seemed serious people. There was a time when it was a good service, but today is a boat adrift, with no one at the controls.

  • Hi Inelsa_Rios,

    Sorry to hear that.

    You mentioned that you canceled your plans. How did you do that? I can't find anything on my dashboard about canceling plans.

  • I'm posting an update to this.
    I tried contacting them via and they responded that they had a lot of tickets in the past few weeks and didn't have time to answer them all. In any case, they have terminated my account.

    @Inelsa_Rios I hope you get this resolved quickly too. Good luck

  • @Jordi_Robert-Ribes,

    Thanks for your response, I'm glad you could solve your problem.
    I really could not cancel my plans, what I meant, in my bad English, is that I had canceled 3 different sites associated with my plan.

    I had in my account three different websites, each paying $10 separately, two of those sites were already deleted (one of them since 2017).

    Two months ago I detected that OneAll was still charging me for those sites that do not even exist anymore. When i accessed my account i see that they had not really been removed from the system, only appears the label "This site has been scheduled for deletion and will be removed after the 26.03.2017 "
    This was the first days of last December. From then until now I have tried to contact them on several occasions and by different means and I have never received an answer. To this day I still do not have it.

    I have not even claimed them for the money they have unduly charged me, I just wanted to permanently remove those websites and stop charging me. It was totally useless, this month I have been charged again, and I have no choice but to speak to Paypal to block these charges.

    At this point I am really very disappointed with this company. I can understand an error in payments, I can understand delay in attention ... but we are talking about almost two years charging improperly and almost two months without answering...

    My messages were friendly. I just wanted to solve the problem and suspend the service in the two sites removed and stay in the third. Logically now I have no choice but to suspend everything.

    But well, at least something positive, you have managed to solve the problem and that makes me happy. :)

  • This makes me really unhappy about my choice to pay money for this service...

  • Hello,

    sorry for the delay in handling your tickets. We received a good number of tickets during January and some tickets unfortunately took some delay.

    I am very sorry for the delay, but please be assured that we take all tickets seriously and that we do our best to answer them as fast as possible.

    By now the ticket system is up-to-date so you should have received an answer.


  • @Claude_Schlesser

    Are you sure the ticket system is up-to-date? Because I'm still waitting for my answer...
    I do not have an answer nor my account canceled, just as I requested.

    However, I have a new charge on my credit card from OneAll today:

    Please, tell me Claude, so I also have to cancel my credit card in order to end this matter?

  • Hello,

    we have now added new buttons to Upgrade/Downgrade/Cancel your plan directly in your accounts. No longer necessary to open tickets for that!


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