Portuguese language and multi sign in from a single computer

Hello to all,

The social login in Facebook and Google works fine. Except that it communicates with all my customers in english.

[1] - the account login page says "Login with" in english.
[2] - the account creation page says "Register with" in english
[3] - I receive an account succesfully created in my email box, all written in english and signed by Prestashop.
[4] - after i sign in once with facebook or with google, I'm unable to sign in diferently with another facebook email or another google email from the same computer.

In oneall I turned default language to portuguese and I tried with enable and disabled language auto detect.

I would rather have at least number [3] written in portuguese, and number [4] availability to have as many customers login to my site from a single computer. Can u see clearly what is happening related to oneall?



Print screen url links


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