Dashboard shows login success but not on site

I have been using this for years since 2017 and no problem until now. I am not sure what went wrong?

When I clicked on social login at my website, it shows success but it returns to the original login page and nothing happens.
I tried searching through the forum but not sure what is the issue.

I have recently upgraded my server to PHP7.1 from PHP5.
This is my login page at my website: https://www.summeraffaire.com/index.php?main_page=login

Please assist T_T


  • My hosting site tested and it works for them. I re-tested on chrome and it works as well.. not sure why Firefox and my Opera browser isn't working..

    Anyway, case closed.

  • Sigh. Now there's more issue. The only browser I can use it is on chrome desktop (not even mobile chrome).

    After filling up all the details, new error show up:
    Whoops! Your session has expired.

    Now it's totally not working for new customers. May I know what's wrong..?

    My hosting site checked and there's no issue with cURL.

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team


    could you please enable Social Login once again? Once it's enabled I will have a closer look and make sure the issue is fixed quickly.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello, I have re-enabled the plugin.
    Thank you for your reply :smile:

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team


    I have successfully been able to reproduce the issue. Could you please give me the exact version of your Zencart? I will do some testing on our local test servers.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the update.
    I am currently running on zencart 1.5.5e, just recently upgraded from php5 to php7.1 and this problem happens.

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