Whitelist. I am atill getting error [OneAll] To enforce the security of our services we require each

Hi. I have created my account and configured the API for Facebook. Facebook is checked in green and mu domain and subdomain are in the whitelist (with wildcard)

The site to login is http://sofasurmesure.com/olimolo1/wp-login.php

[OneAll] To enforce the security of our services we require each domain to be whitelisted. Please click here to open your security settings and whitelist the domain sofasurmesure.com. Reload this page afterwards.

Am I missing something?

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  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
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    Hi Karin, it takes several minutes for our servers to synchronise your settings. As far as I can see the error is no longer being displayed. Could you please refresh your browser's cache and give it another try?


  • Hello Claude and Karine,
    I would like to share my point of view when you may see the warning from the topic name.

    I track visitors of my website using russian websearch provider Yandex.ru. It allows record as a video an each user's visit. Suddenly I found out that oneall buttons on the user's screen are missed. There is a security warning instead, you may see it in the video attached.

    But I suppose that actually the user does not see the warning, everything is ok on his page. Because that tracking system uses a proxy. I think that proxies in couple with dynamic pools of addresses may cause a security warning appearance in some cases.


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