How to configure...everything?


I'm getting an error "Could not connect to" with all services on my site, except Google.
Well, I've implemented the plugin on my blog (via dashboard), created the account for OneAll, entered some keys...and now this?

Message: If you are the owner of %, you can fix this error here: Setup Facebook Configuration

Ok, so I clicked. Endless list of instructions and - I just don't get it?

2 . Go to and allow developer access to your account if prompted to do so.

Allow what? Where? There is no prompt.

3. Click on the + Add a New App button on the right side.

There is no such button in my FB account. What the hell are you guys talking about?

So, let's get this straight:

1. None of the Social Logins is working, except Google. At least, Google shows the login screen as expected.

Do I have to create my own account on EVERY network I like to use?
I mean, I'm the owner of the domain and I want my users/readers to use Twitter etc. to login. I myself don't have a steam account and such and don't want one.

2. I don't get this "Register your app with FB"-thingie. Why should I want to register any app with FB?
I want your app - OneAll - to work, that's all.

And your list or whatever this is supposed to be isn't helping, I'm sorry. I was looking for a one-click-plugin solution for wordpress, not the clicking and registration orgy I see here.

So - how do I get this to work as intended?

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  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited March 2015 Answer ✓
    Hi Arndt,

    yes, you need to register as a Facebook developer in order to create an app ;)
    Yes, you need an account with each social network that you want to use.
    These are the requirements of the social networks and we are unfortunately not able to change them.

    At the moment Google/YouTube are working without registration because they are using a different protocol (OpenID). This will however change next month. Then they will drop OpenID and everybody will have to create his own apps too.


  • Bob_DamanBob_DamanMemberModerator
    Hi Arndt,

    the social networks require each webmaster to register his website before being able to use their services. We have tried make it as easy as possible by providing setup guides, but there is no way around the initial setup.

    If you open this page:

    You should see a green "+ Add a New App" button on the top right of the screen.

    Please post a screenshot of the page if you do not have that button.

  • Hi Bob,

    I'm getting a green "register now" button on FB and that's it.
    And it wants me to register as developer. I don't want to develop nothing, no Sir! :D

    But now to something completely different:

    If I have to register my site with every service I want your plugin to work with, I reason that I need to have an account on every service as well.
    Am I assuming that correctly?

    Because that would render your plugin useless to me.

    And why ist Google working fine?
    If I click on that, the nomal login prompt appears. And I don't have any accounts on Google services. At least none that I know of ^^

    No Goolge+. no youtube account or else in my case. So - what's Google doing right and the other services not?


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