Russian Usernames

Hello! It is worth your events and your services to register or login on the forum!
But there is one big problem, for example:
A person has an account in the contact's name, and he wrote it in Russian: Андрей Иванов.
When registering on the forum through the "oneall" create an account on the forum and at the same username like this: "?????? ??????".
If you have an account with the user in contact with the name and surname in Latin letters the forum account normal form, "Andrei Ivanov."
And so it is with many accounts, all those who in Russian data in social networks all logins on the forum in this format: "?????? ????????"
Tell me what to look for a mistake?
forum :


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Denis,

    we have reproduce this bug and we are currently working on a bugfix.

  • Hi,

    This issue is common to all non-latin characters i presume, including cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic and more. This is a critical issue that i saw no warning about. Currently I have many users registered with username "-" , "-1", "--" and so on.
    Is there any fix for that?


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