Unlinking LiveJournal and Wordpress accounts does not work


After adding, for test purposes, many social accounts to my Social Login plugin, I removed many of them but the removing does not work for LiveJournal and Wordpress.com
They fail exactly in the same way :
1°) session already open on LJ or WP
2°) on my wordpress blog user profile page, click on the LJ or WP icon
3°) a popup appears, offering to
a) connect to my account
b) delete my account
c) link to another account
4°) a) and c) work fine,
5°) when trying to delete I am asked for my login name => connect
6°) the window changes and comes back with a red warning "account already linked"

Removing LiveJournal and Wordpress.com from the social networks managed by the Social Login plugin then add them again does not solve the problem

Trying to link another blog account to the Wordpress.com account fails, because this WP account is already used by the first blog account
So I can't unlink my LiveJournal and Wordpress accounts from my wordpress blog profile

Thanks for your help


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited May 2015
    Hi Gilles,

    to unlink a social network you need to this:

    - Logout from your WordPress, - Connect with the social network that you want to unlink (this will create a new WordPress account), - Open the user's profile settings, - Unlink the social network.

    Now you can logout and login with your real user and then open the user's profile settings and link the social network.


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