I've installed the plugin but I dont see anything on my login or registration pages.

I think I've done all I needed to do, enabled and got facebook and twitter access but on my site there is no social media stuff at all.


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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Indeed, there is no trace of the Social Login javascript in your html pages.
    This is part of the extension installation.
    Perhaps you can follow the installation again?
    If this is ok, then there is maybe some conflict with other phpbb customization?


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    After a quick fix from the ComBoot original author, i manage to have the social icons appearing in the standard login/register pages.
    But now i'm stuck with a specific phpbb question.

    As far i know, we can add an event in a template and in sequence an extension can use these custom event to add code. After making these events and making the appropriate files in ext/oneall/styles/comboot/template/event path, the events arent fired.

    I'm working in a solution for this in this repository, and a mirror of the comboot fork i working (because the original repo is private i need to clone the fork repo to make it public) is all in my github account. If anyone can help me, i thank you so much.


  • Hi, sorry if i stole the topic, but i having the same issue in two different installations.

    The first is a test installation in my machine via XAMPP, using prosilver (or comboot) and using ONLY this extension.

    The other is this forum, i'm using comboot as default style and the following plugins:

    In both PhpBB is in version 3.1.7pl1.
    Both installations give me (in both comboot or prosilver) no social icon for connect in login or register page, but let me to link social accounts in a standard forum account (login+password).

    What we should do?
  • Hi,
    Presumably, you have enabled social login on the pages you wanted (login, etc)?
    Coud we have a URL of one of your sites? (the chronomania seems unavailable).
    Or, is there a trace of the the oneall JS in one of your page, such as this "api.oneall.com/socialize/library.js"?

  • Hi,
    Good news for the icons display :-)

    From a quick glance at your repo, where are you triggering the new events you define in the event path? (such as: comboot_oneall_login_panel_login)
    If you want events outside of templates, then you need a listener.

    Also, clearing caches is a necessary step, but presumably you've done that.

    Good luck!
  • Well, some news here.

    After inserting the text "IT WORKS" in the first line of both custom events html files, they're showed correctly in the right place. So both custom events works like intended, without adding any listener or editing the oneall default listener php file.

    So seems like i accidentally something very bad with the oneall code (maybe stripped too much), and it doesn't show any icons.

    For instance, here and here are the custom event html files i've created. I've put the test string in the very first line of both files, before any conditional tag. So I suppose is really something related with the creepy code i put here, not comboot.

    And a last question: Should i create a new support thread or the new issue is still "ontopic" of the initial topic?

    Thanks for the help!
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited January 2016

    If some initial text shows but not the social icons, then perhaps the template variable OA_SOCIAL_LOGIN_EMBED_SOCIAL_LOGIN is not set.
    Try to remove the template variable conditional, one by one (the other variables may not be set either), to see what is missing.
    If only the first variable is not set, perhaps you are testing while already logged in?

    Yes, another topic could help, especially because I'm not sure what you are trying to do :-)
    Are you trying to add specific comboot templates in the oneall extension? By adding some new template files?



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