wordpress social login issue

I have my website set up so that I must approve all new users before they can have access to post anything. That setup works fine unless they use the social login which automatically creates the account and approves them without any admin approval. Is there a work around for this? Not that it is a deal breaking from me purchasing upgrades or anything just a question to see if it is possible.


  • Hi,
    How did you set up your site such that new users need to be approved?

  • Hi,
    Perhaps this can work for you:

    1. To restrict the registration of new users you can add a filter like this:
    function oa_filter_email ( $email )
       if ( ! email_exists($email))
          wp_redirect ('http://insert_url_to_previously_created_page_here');
       return $email;  
    add_filter( 'oa_social_login_filter_new_user_email',  'oa_filter_email');
    Whenever a new users registers, the Social Login plugin checks if his email is already in the
    database and allows him to login only if this is the case.

    You should add a page where you explain that the user cannot login and then replace
    http://insert_url_to_previously_created_page_here by the url to that page.

    This code needs to be added to the functions.php file of your WordPress templates.

    2. The newly registered user has to link (a social login feature) his newly registered account to an existing social login. Then he may connect via Social Login. This can be done by the user in the profile.
    Also, you can set the Social Login option: "If the user's social network profile has a verified email, should we try to link it to an existing account?" to do this automatically.

    Hope this helps.


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