No Activation Email After Registration

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When a user registers using OneAll Social Login they do not receive the BuddyPress activation email. This is an issue because

1.) My site is not susceptible to spam accounts using fake email addresses that do not have to be verified

2.) I have functions that hook into the BuddyPress user activation. These functions will not run if the users are not activating there account.

Is there a way for OneAll to..

1.) Display information retrieved from social network profile (for example, fill out the birthdate field on my registration with the birthday information on their social network account if that information is available, same for name, email, and any other matching fields)?

2.) If the plugin cannot retrieve an email address, warn the user and the user must enter an email address before they continue

3.) Send an activation email to the user. Users will not be able to log in if the email address hasn't been verified.


  • Hi,

    Indeed, the OneAll plugin allows users to login, bypassing the BuddyPress registration process.
    This is somewhat by design, as our intent is to simplify the registration of new users.
    We'll add this integration to our todo list.

    As for your requirement 2), the WordPress plugin already prompts for user email when not available (such as connecting via Twitter), this is a OneAll setting.
    Also for 3) the best approach would be for the OneAll plugin to hook into the regular registration process, so that integration with other plugins work correctly, instead of providing our own activation mails.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi,
    There is a solution can work for now.

    1. In the Social Login Settings, disable Social Login on the Registration form.
    (entry: "Do you want to display Social Login on the registration form of your blog?")

    2. To restrict the registration of new users you can add a filter like this:
    function oa_filter_email ( $email )
       if ( ! email_exists($email))
          wp_redirect ('http://insert_url_to_previously_created_page_here');
       return $email;  
    add_filter( 'oa_social_login_filter_new_user_email',  'oa_filter_email');
    Whenever a new users registers, the Social Login plugin checks if his email is already in the
    database and allows him to login only if this is the case.

    You should add a page where you explain that the user cannot login and then replace
    http://insert_url_to_previously_created_page_here by the url to that page.
    This can be your BuddyPress register page.

    This code needs to be added to the functions.php file of your WordPress templates.

    3. The newly registered user has to link (a social login feature) his newly registered account to an existing social login. Then he may connect via Social Login. This can be done by the user in the profile.

    Also, you can set the Social Login option: "If the user's social network profile has a verified email, should we try to link it to an existing account?" to do this automatically.

    Hope this helps.


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