Paypal login not working properly

we have a Magento Multi Site - trying to use Paypal to log in does something strange...

I try to log in here (log in for a shopfront A)

it passes through the Paypal process okay, but redirects to the log in page for shopfront B (a different shopfront in the same Magento platform) but does not log me in anyway....

I'm not sure if it is the fact I am using my own Paypal account and also have the same email address used for Paypal registered already as a customer in Magento (shared customer setup)

Having someone else test it would be good.


  • Hi,
    Just a first comment on the web page you provided: there are 2 javascript OneAll blocks on the page. Could you try with just one (the asynchronous version is preferred, with the _oneall.push).
    The callback URI are different too.

  • Hello,

    Testing the URL you provided does show the error.
    First, do fix the 2 OneAll js API calls, because the synchronous version uses:
    "callback_uri": ';oasl_source=registration'which is where we get redirected to, and is probably "shopfront B".
    For example, use the asynchronous version (the one with _oneall.push), and remove the other (with the incorrect callback_uri).

    For information, here is the redirection result:

    Hope this helps.


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