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I would like to ask is it possible to use different icons for the same provider.
I have login via LinkedIn enabled and in login page I would like to see the button "Login with LinkedIn" and in registration page the button will be "Register with LinkedIn".
The button will do the same, just the icon will be different depending from the page it is placed.

Any suggestions how could I achieve that, because I have investigated Wordpress "OA social login" plugin files, but cannot find anything, where I could change something.

Thank you!

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    Don't mind, I found a workaround, by creating two separate css files, that takes icons from different provider icon sprites and placing this code in functions.php

    function oa_social_login_set_custom_css($css_theme_uri) { if (is_page('login')) { $css_theme_uri = '...css file url...'; } else { $css_theme_uri = '... other css file url...'; } return $css_theme_uri; } add_filter('oa_social_login_default_css', 'oa_social_login_set_custom_css'); add_filter('oa_social_login_widget_css', 'oa_social_login_set_custom_css'); add_filter('oa_social_login_link_css', 'oa_social_login_set_custom_css');



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