How do I change the location where social login form appears?

edited August 2015 in WordPress
This is for the login page. The options available in the settings of One All Social Login, are "yes, below the form", and "no". However, what if I want to put the social login form somewhere else in the login page? Lets's say below the "submit" button?

I tried to copy paste <?php do_action('oa_social_login'); ?> below the everything else in the login-form.php ( i use My Theme Login and copied it along with other of its templates and stylesheets, onto my child theme directory), but it doesnt work, the social login button is still below the Login form, and above the Submit button.

One additional thing to ask is, I tried deleting the whole div wrapper which left the login-form.php nothing except comments in the beginning saying that this if you want to edit this file, you should copy it to your theme's folder. But nope, nothing changes: The login form works perfectly normal even all the code is deleted, and social login button is still there below the login form and above the submit button. Can anybody enlighten me?



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