Vanilla 2.1.11

I just installed your plugin to my site, when try to sign-in via the plugin it takes me to a 404 page.
But i dont see anywhere i can fix/correct the URL to not get this error.

Thank you.

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Could you test a possible fix for us on your environment?
    In file: plugins/OneallSocialLogin/class.oneallsociallogin.plugin.php
    Add the following line: $host .= substr ($host, -1, 1) === "/" ? "" : "/";
    after line 70: $host = Gdn_Url::webRoot(TRUE);
    Such that the file around line 70 would now look like:
    $host = Gdn_Url::webRoot(TRUE); $host .= substr ($host, -1, 1) === "/" ? "" : "/"; return "<h4 class='login-title'>${caption}</h4>...
    Thanks for your input!


  • Hi,
    The error is caused by a redirection to /vanillaindex.php (the 404 relates to the error document).
    We're checking how this could be the case, maybe you have an idea.

  • Thank you for your time Frederic_Pinel,
    Your suggestion solved my issue!

    Once again, thank you, and have a great day.
  • Hi,
    You're welcome. Thanks for your help.
    We will update our plugin code then.



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