yahoo connection

I have problem with connecting to yahoo. your instruction confused me.

what should I do step by step?

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  • Hi,
    No problem, which step of the setup (from your application is confusing to you?
    It is a little difficult to insert all the steps here (it's true there are many !).

  • for example I click on "click here to create new key" but it doesn't work.
    or in step 3 I can't find "" and so on.

    I think yahoo changed steps.
  • Have correctly created the OneAll application ? You should not get a "".

    The "click here to create new key" should open another window to the Yahoo site.

    Try creating the Yahoo application from, them copy/paste the Yahoo credentials to the OneAll fields.
  • yeah I have no problem with other networks. I got "".
    when I click on "click here to create new key" a popup window appears but in don't work
    I created app in yahoo before and I have yahoo key and secret. just copy them? I don't need to click on that button?
  • Yes, you can copy them.
  • thanks.
    Do I need do any thing else?
    what about next steps.for example step 5. how can I get verification file?


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