Usernames are missing letters


Im currently experiencing a very weird issue with this plugin on my Joomla site. I added a button on my website for people to log in with their Steam account, however the account this plugin creates for them is missing any 's' the name contains.

For example:
Vitesse becomes Vitee.
Jose Lima becomes Joe Lima
Mississippi becomes Miiippi

Another suggestions as to how to fix this (very weird) issue?


  • Hi Alex,

    This is an error in our plugin.
    Apologies for this, and many thanks for reporting it.
    We'll fix shortly, and let you know.
    If you are in an urgent need, we can tell you what to change in the source file (not much to change).

  • It is ok, because my website does not have many users yet I can manually change their usernames in the back-end for now.
  • Hi,
    This should now be fixed in the latest version of the plugin (
    Let us know if you encounter any more problems.
    Thanks for reporting this!


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