Social sharing wizard does not work


I tried to generate and get code for Social share Implementation in my account, but that wizard is not working.
Changed text in input fields, changed providers, etc. and textarea with code below would not update.

Also I can not find any documentation about this feature to implement it manually.

What happens with that?


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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    Answer ✓
    This has now been fixed.
    And, yes the preview was not refreshed when choosing other networks.


  • Hi,

    Yes, there is some problem in the SocialShare wizard. We are in the process of updating the wizards, so hopefully this should be fixed soon.

    Information can be found at:

  • Thank you Frederic. I have also just spotted this error and will be interested when it has been resolved. Only having the 3 buttons is not sufficient for our needs, so please keep us all updated.
  • In case others are interested, the following code does actually show all these large buttons:-
    <div class='oas_box oas_box_btns_l'>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_linkedin' title='Send to LinkedIn'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_twitter' title='Send to Twitter'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_facebook' title='Send to Facebook'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_google_plus' title='Send to Google'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_delicious' title='Send to Delicious'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_pinterest' title='Send to Pinterest'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_tumblr' title='Send to Tumblr'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_stumbleupon' title='Send to StumbleUpoin'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_reddit' title='Send to Reddit'></span>
    <span class='oas_btn oas_btn_digg' title='Send to Dig'></span>
  • Hi,
    The modification will be made available shortly.
  • You're welcome. The short links it produces to say for example share on Google+ don't seem to generate an image preview. Is this a fault or is this by design?


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