Social icons not displayed in Registration page

Dear support,

Feel very happy to use your plugin. Able to view the social icons in the login page but cannot view in my registration page. Also checked the setting and everything seems to be ok.

If you need any further details do let me know.

Thanks and Regards


  • Hi,
    Could you tell us about your setup (CMS if any, plugins is any, versions), and provide with an URL?

  • Thanks for your reply.

    My URL for register is where the social login is not working and the url for login page is where the social login is displayed and working fine.

    wordpress 3.9.9 version using project theme template.

    if you need any further details please let me know. Also provide private email for sending credentials.

    Thanks and Regards

  • Hi Ramesh,
    We see you are using Cloudflare, and that the data-cfasync attribute of the OneAll script element is not set in the same place as in your wp-login page. It appears the Cloudflare documentation mentions the order of the attributes matter.
    So maybe you could try writing the OneAll script tag on the register page in the same way as in your wp-login page? (data-cfasync="false" before the type).

  • I am unable to find the code data-cfasync="false" even in my login.php page.

    tried to add it in the register.php page but not working.

    If needed can I send the "register.php" file ? Please let me know the support email so that can forward to it.

  • Hi,
    Ah, perhaps cloudflare is adding it for you.
    You are using cloudflare right ?
  • I am not sure.
    I am using the wordpress template from
  • Hi,
    Which theme from sitemile are you using? (we'd like to reproduce your error)



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