Components doesn't appear in joomla login

Good morning,
I have set up the components as in the guide for Joomla. (my version is joomla 3)
The API connection Handler and API connection settings are OK (green).
The "OneAll Social Login" module is working correctly.

My problem is that the buttons don't appear above the joomla login form. As you can see here

What should I do?

Thank you for the support


  • Hi,

    Where did you configure the module to be? (Position in the Extensions-Manage Modules)

  • Hi Frederic,
    thank you for your answer.

    As you can see here I can publish it correctly but I need to show the "social login module" inside the login of a specific component as you can see here
    So I can not assign the module with "menu assignment". I thought the component automatically appear above the joomla login

    What can I do to show it inside the component (which however use the standard joomla login module)?

  • Hi,
    Adding a module inside the login component seems to require some specific code.
    Our plugin does not allow this.
    It is possible inside an article though.


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