Need help customising CSS for page and widget

I brought the basic package which allows me to create my own designs via CSS but I don't know to do it.

I already got all the images uploaded and the design for the page and widget so I know how I want it to look but need help with actually creating it.

Any Help would be great.



  • Hi Simon,

    Basically, you need to adapt the line _oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_custom_css_uri', 'http://oneallcdn.loc/css/api/themes/beveled_w35_h35_wc_v1.css']);
    To test, you can go to your application settings (, then to the Implementation - Social Login Wizard.
    There in the "Select your theme" option, choose custom, and enter the URL of your CSS. The preview plane will show results. The code templates (the last box on the page) will show the code to copy/paste in your pages (the 'set_custom_css_uri' method line above).

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Frederic_Pinel,

    It help a little bit.

    I got as far as "Select your theme" as "Use custom theme"

    Underneath that it says "Custom CSS theme file: Refresh Preview" with some instructions and a link to a "widget documentation" which has JavaScript.

    Apart from that I don't quite understand what I'm meant to do, sorry.

    Can you show me some examples?

  • Hi,

    Locate in the files for your site, the line: _oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_custom_css_uri', 'http://oneallcdn.loc/css/api/themes/beveled_w35_h35_wc_v1.css']);. Then, change the URI to point to your CSS (not the one mentioned).
    The wizard page only shows a preview and an example syntax, it does not change your website.
    You can download the original CSS (http://oneallcdn.loc/css/api/themes/beveled_w35_h35_wc_v1.css), which you can host from your site, and modify to suit your needs.

    Post back if this is not clear.


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