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I've noticed that when a user signs up through Facebook their username is changed to display like this:

'john.doe' instead of 'John Doe'

Is there a setting to change this?


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    EDIT: After messing around with the code I figured it out. Thanks anyway!!

    I'm having the same problem. john.doe
    I want it to show John Doe
    I have commented this out
    //$data ['user_login'] = str_replace (' ', '', trim ($data ['user_login']));
    I have also change the user registration to allow any letter number and space.
    still nothing works.
    Please Help!!


  • Hello,

    Just out of curiousity:
    Have you allowed spacers in your username settings?
    ACP > General > user registration settings > limit username chars:
    - alphanumeric and spacers
    - any letters, number, and spacer
    - any character

    Perhaps if you haven't, it might cause to rewrite the username.

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    Good day , I have another problem , in settings registration phpbb is : any letters, numbers and separators , when account registered through social networks, phpbb name entered without separators as "DzhonSmit"

    I temporarily fixed the problem by changing the limit of characters in the name to "any character "
    I think that this problem is not in the oneall login, and in the Forum
    can you help?
    phpbb 3.1.5
  • Hi, sorry, i checked new registration, problem still not fixed, can you help?
  • Hi,
    The plugin also removes spaces in user logins, regardless of the PhpBB forum settings.

  • Hi, can i insert space by myself in php code of plugin?
  • Hi,
    The space removal is done in file sociallogin_acp_module.php, around line 1536
    ($data ['user_login'] = str_replace (' ', '', trim ($data ['user_login']));).
    You could remove this line if you want to keep spaces.

    Hope this helps.
  • It seems commenting that out with // doesn't do the trick. Should the line then be removed altogether?
  • Or this there another way of doing it? Has someone tested it to work for sure?
  • I wonder how to do it now with newer versions.

    Can you help?


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