Buttons periodically don't work


  • Hi,
    Indeed. Would you have any information as what the URI was ?
  • Hi,
    Indeed, our URL generation currently takes a lot of space.
    You can reduce it by reducing the various methods called from your page, and the length of the values (callback uri, ...).
    You can increase the max URL size in your web server, not ideal.
    We may look into an alternative encoding that saves space.

  • I don't understand what you mean. :( How to solve this problem?
  • Hi,
    Sorry :-)
    This is a known issue (that the URL is too long, sometimes exceeding a web server limit).
    How to solve this?
    We'll change this, but probably not soon enough (for your problem).
    You can modify the web server settings to remove any limits on the length of the URL.
    You may can reduce this length by reducing the length of the arguments:
    - the number of providers (social networks)
    - the url for the callback (if possible)
    - the url for the CSS (if possible)

  • Hello! Thank you! I change server Apache (/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf) and enter this code:
    LimitRequestLine 9828000
    LimitRequestFieldSize 8190

    But buttons don't work... May be you can change your server? I don't know how to work it...
  • Hi,
    The 8190 should have been enough.
    There are perhaps other settings that control the URI length, such as the HTTP request header field.
  • My hoster said there are all settings. Or may be you know how to write code of HTTP request header field in Apache?
    May be your server settings don't work with long URL?
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the information.
    Indeed, our servers are returning the 414.

    The plugin seems to work 'normally'. However, it generates much longer URI when encoding (x3-8). Because your callback URI is particularly long (1-2,000 chars), and already encoded, our URIs become very large (x8!).

    So, we'll investigate a plugin modification.
    Maybe you could also try to shorten your URL on your site ? Maybe something else than the full comment as the URL ?

  • Hello! Are you do investigate a plugin modification?
  • Hi,
    Not yet unfortunately.


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