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Some users registered to my forum with Social Login, now they'd like to read it on their mobile device using Tapatalk (my forum supports it) but they don't know which is the password to use.
In particular, they access it with Facebook credentials (email + FB password) but Tapatalk only recognizes the username created by Social Login and no known password, the FB one does not work.

Could you help me?

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Maybe, there are workarounds.
    You could set the account activation to By user, so that he can update the randomly generated password (and then use this with Tapatalk).
    Or, in the user registration settings, choose a password expiry period, which will ask the user to change it (and our plugin will not ask for his current -random- password if he logs with his Social Network account).
    Also, the FB credentials only work for our Social Login plugin, and not with the regular PhpBB login.

    Hope this can help.


  • Hi,
    Upon registration with SocialLogin on most CMS (ex: Wordpress), a password is randomly generated. Usually, this password is never needed as the user logs with their social account.
    Ideally, Tapatalk should include the social login feature so users can still log with their social account.
    Otherwise, you could email the password after registration, or let the users change it themselves.

  • Thanks for your answer.
    Unfortunately I didn't found a way to tell the user the password set by Social Login, not in phpBB 3.1 at least.
  • Hi,
    How does Tapatalk integrate with your forum? Do you have any control over it?
    Could we somehow add the social icons to the Tapatalk rendered version?

  • Hi,
    Tapatalk is added to the forum as an extension to phpBB, my control on it is limited to the application settings.
    Once installed, the forum is "foundable" by the app which allows the user to access without seeing the usual web layout. I suppose you should modify the app to add the social icons or a social login button.
  • Ok, it seems that the only way is to force the user to change the password to access the forum.. and his Facebook account, probably.
    Thanks for your support.


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