Jomsocial frontpage.guest with social buttons of social login?

Hi i am using an old version of joomla 1.5 with jomsocial 2.6 jomsocial was used with its facebook conncect but now the api has changed so i download the component of social login.
In the main page of jomsocial for non registered users at the end of the page is this code
<?php echo $fbHtml;?> and gets the html code from another page named facebook.button.php were the code of the facebook application script is used to show the facebook button that makes the connection. Is there a why to inject code or to replace the code on the facebook.button.php to show the social login icons instead? regards Thanos

Best Answer

  • problem solved i just added <?php $this->renderModules( 'yourModulePositionName' ); ?>
    in the frontpage.guest and it is ok now hope it helps someone else too


  • edited November 2015
    i tried nonumbers module everywere plugin and i load the module in the fronpage.guest.php
    the module loads but the js code is not showing its like the js is collapsed!
    i can see the only Powered by OneAll Social Login when i turn the show page code in firefox
    i can see the code

    Modules Anywhere

    Powered by OneAll Social Login"oa_social_login_container",{
    providers : ["facebook"],
    callback_uri: '',
    css_theme_uri: (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure" : "http://public") + ""

    Modules Anywhere
    but its not showing at fronted only the Powered by OneAll Social Login does any idea is welcome
  • Thanks.


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