Signed up for the Pro Plan, now what do I need to do to set up Custom Domain Mapping (SSL)?

The more I work with the oneall system, the more I love it.
I signed up for the Pro Plan and will be recommending it to my clients.
I see that the Custom Domain Mapping is an extra $50 / month.
My entire site is SSL, and the Wordpress plugin is working smoothly.
Now what do I need to do to set up Custom Domain Mapping (SSL)?
Since I have already set up the Wordpress plugin on my site, what do I need to modify when I switch to
the Custom Domain Mapping in the callbacks, etc.?
Do you need to verify my SSL certificate (I am not clear on the process(es) involved)?
The way you have all of the steps outlined has already saved me time - - thank you for that!
Thanks in advance,

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    Answer ✓
    To use custom domain mapping SSL, you need to subscribe to the extra feature, then we will go through the setup with you.
    Overall, you will have to change the various API URI to point to your custom domain (instead of the, and add an DNS alias from your chosen domain name to the oneall application (
    Let us know how you would like to proceed.


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