(STEAM) after logging in avatars wont load!

edited November 2015 in Social Login

I have a question here,
every time someone logs on through steam on www.somehowgaming.com/forum
the steam avatar wont go to the forums and on the forums it'll show an unknown avatar,

Every type of help is appreciated!


  • Hi,
    Did you configure the avatar upload option in the plugin configuration?
  • Hey, how can I do that?

    Can you walk me through?
  • And yes! It has been checked since long time ago
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited November 2015
    Ok, fine.
    Yes, we can see that the login works, but the steam avatar is not showing.
    How about the other option:
    Download the avatars from the social networks and store them in your SMF avatar folder?
    Only works if avatar uploads are enabled in your SMF Attachments and Avatars - Avatar Settings.


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