Facebook log in successful and redirect but get error right after!

edited November 2015 in phpBB
so i have installed the mod successfully and logged in with Facebook, the redirecting page comes on, and then i get a general error page,
my page is w900forum.com

can provide pics!


  • Hi,
    Your forum does not seem to have the plugin installed.
    Maybe you can review the PhpBB setup. Check if you using the proper plugin version for your version of PhpBB?
  • Sorry took of plugin because it was not working but will reinstall tomorrow
  • hey plugin is back on and now i have another problem as well every time i try to login with Facebook or google i get the same error as before plus i get a new "user" every time i try it with same account

    so it goes user then user1 then user2... etc.
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited November 2015
    This is a pretty fundamental error, accessing the social network's user fails.
    First thing to check is the configuration for the Facebook application, then perhaps the MOD's settings, maybe re-installing it?

    Also, there are comments in the HTML about PhpBB version 3.1, while you are using the MOD (so for PhpBB 3.0.x), just to be sure, do the versions of plugin and PhpBB match?

    Hope this helps.


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