How to use Facebook user info

How do I use OneAll Social Login for PhpBB3.1 to display user information on my site, specifically the user's Facebook profile picture? The extension is currently working for Facebook logins and I notice the phpbb_oasl_* tables are populated but I do not know how to use this info.


  • Hi,
    Our services allow you to retrieve a social network user information, post, and gather statistics...
    However, the PhpBB plugin uses our service only to create the account, retrieve the Facebook picture and use it as the user's avatar, and the like.
    The phpbb_oasl_* are internal tables for the Social Login plugin to work.

    Anything additional you would like to do is really up to you (or other plugins) to implement.
    (also, the plugin code is free software)

    Probably not what you wished for, but hope this clarifies.


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