Avatar not displaying

I am using your plugin for smf. Currently have setup for Google and FB. Having problem in the avatar display, while anyone is using the FB login.
Any ideas?


  • Hi,
    What avatar options did you set (in the plugin settings)?
    Such as this option: Download the avatars from the social networks and store them in your SMF avatar folder? Only works if avatar uploads are enabled in your SMF Attachments and Avatars - Avatar Settings.

    Another use has reported the something similar (but we cannot reproduce it).
  • Thanks Frederic.
    Yes,option enabled in plugin and in smf-avatar settings.
    Logging with Google- avatar is visible.
  • Hi,
    Our server logs show that your FB pictures and thumbnails are provided.
    Perhaps this depends on the picture itself, and some SMF restrictions.
    Could you try to manually upload the avatar file, from your FB profile? (if you need some examples, we can provide the links). This way, any error should be visible.

  • Hi,
    I contacted smf support, they said the issue is with the plugin.
    Can you provide some links as stated about, so that I can pass on the error to smf.
  • Hi,
    Could you please try to manually upload the same profile avatar picture (in your profile), to check wether some configuration is preventing the automatic upload.
    Our plugin uses the SMF settings to insert the picture.
    The profile picture that is:
  • edited November 2015
    Manually uploading was never a problem.
    The attachments folder does not store the fb images.
    It stores images uploaded manually or from google.
  • Thanks. I presume you uploaded the exact same image.
    We'll continue looking...


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