multilingual prestashop webstore

Hi, my prestashop webstore is in french, english and spanish

how can i translate the social login sheet with his link

thank in advance


  • Hum, this is not too developed.
    On, you can choose a language (Site Customization - Branding, Icons and Language), this will affect some text on screen (around the social icons).
    You can also customize the intermediate screen, but with a paid account.
    For the rest, what did you want to translate?

  • Hi, if we can translate the title of the social icon block (Connect with :) in each language using by my site (ES, Fr, En) it's a good first step.

    In absolute if all text can be translate, it's wonderfull

    i this transform the modul to multilanguage module it's a good operation for all user, i think all non english user's will be happy

    thank in advance

    PS : sorry for my poor english, i'm french
  • Hi,
    We have to look into this, we can't promise anything yet.
  • OK, thank in advance
  • It would be great if you added this feature and it shouldn't be difficult to implement. There is a step-by-step guide here:

    You only have one string ("Connect with") that should be made translatable.

    Thank you in advance!
  • Hi,

    Which version of Prestashop are you using?



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