Put oneall login on prestashop 1.6 homepage


I've installed oneall. Now I can see it in Login page. I want to see it inside the homepage or inside a popup, how can I do it?

Thank you

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    First, apologies for not providing a definite answer, but we do not know your specific environment.
    Basically, if the Oneall library is loaded (a header hook does this normally), then you need to add something like:
    <div class="oneall_social_login_providers oneall_social_login_providers_custom" id="oneall_social_login_providers_el1"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> oneall.api.plugins.social_login.build("oneall_social_login_providers_el1", { "providers": ["google","linkedin","twitter"], "callback_uri": window.location.href, "css_theme_uri": "" }); </script></div>Replace the providers with yours.

    You can also use the hooks. You may need to edit the file oneallsociallogin.php, which includes some hooks. But, you may need to add a custom hook there.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi,
    In the Oneall configuration, you can choose to display it on the left or right of the homepage.
    It should then be listed in the Modules > Positions.
    Then, you can use LiveEdit to change the position around.

    For more specific locations, we have a custom block, that you can add to a hook.
    Not sure how this would work with what you want to do.
    You can perhaps look at the oneallsociallogin.tpl, or tell us more on how you plan to add the social icons.

  • edited December 2015
    Thank you Frederic,
    since I use booststrap theme I don't have right nor left column in homepage.
    I was able to put the module on the left in other pages. That's great!

    What I can not do, is to use the custom block. For what I understand I need to put :
    <div id="oneall_social_login"></div> or <div id="oneall_social_login_box"></div>
    in a ".tpl" file to let the social login appear. So I've a popup module and inside that I would like to insert your social login.
    So I just added <div id="oneall_social_login"></div> in the correspondent tpl file. What am i missing?
  • Thank you Frederic! you gave me a fantastic help. Your answers were absolutly worth! I hope your boss give you a gratification!

    Thank you a lot,
  • :-) Thanks!


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