Missing identity


I have identified a issue. After an user associated his account successfully, and the identity was saved in my application database, figure below.


The user tried to share content on facebook but it resulted in an error:

"message":"The API could not publish the message: the user has no identity for Facebook"

After going through the user explorer I found the user has only one identity listed, figure below.


The facebook identity is missing. Are you guys losing data?

PS: My application does not provide any means of removing an identity.


  • Hi,
    Are you sure the social link worked?
    Could you provide us (private message, ...) with some information, such as the user involved, identity token, user token, so we can try to trace the calls in our logs?

  • Hi,

    I'm pretty sure. The flow is the following: The SPA makes the request to your servers, with a redirect to my backend service. The service receives the request, parses the connection token and then requests the user info from your servers. Once the service has the user information, point at which they should exists on your database, it saves the user profile in my database.

    Is it safe the sent the private user info here in the forum? Or is there another channel?
  • Hi,
    Ok, that's fine.
    On the forum use the private messages, or send an email (fpinel@oneall.com).



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