[Bugs] Redirection not working, after login, forum still shows like user is logged out


I have two bugs to report when using this plugin on phpbb 3.1.6.

1. Redirection field is not working. It's not redirecting to page which I input.
2. After I log in on the forum using facebook for example, forum still looks like I'm logged out. If I navigate to other page from there, then it shows that I'm logged in.

I hope this can be fixed. I'm willing to provide more information if necessary.

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Hi again,

    We have asked the question to Tapatalk.
    However, to be 100% sure, we'll change our code to be compatible with Tapatalk's fiddling of redirects (and any other extension that may do the same).
    We'll keep you informed of progress here.



  • Hello, i have it problem too in phpbb 3,1,6:
    after log in user still not logged, "reload" page not help.
    after pressing some url ( index url for example) in browser i have url+?sid=sometext and logged user, after pressing some link again i have url in browser without sid and all work normal.
  • Let's hope someone from support can help with this issue.
  • Hi,
    We will look into this.
    But, we can't promise when unfortunately.

  • hello, i updated my phpbb on 3 1 7 pl1 but problem still present.
  • Yes, problem is still present.
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited February 2016
    Argh, this is an error.
    We'll be updating the plugin shortly.
    In the meantime, if you wish, you can edit a file to fix the redirect error:
    In file: ext/oneall/sociallogin/acp/sociallogin_acp_module.php,
    Line: 2305,
    Replace: global $user, $phpbb_root_path, $phpEx;
    With: global $user, $phpbb_root_path, $phpEx, $config;

    Many apologies for this.
    Thanks for reporting it!
  • Hi,

    For me, this was on line 2294. Unfortunately, this did not fix the problem.
  • Hi,
    You're right, in the current version, it is line 2294.

    This should have corrected the redirect (when specified in the configuration for the extension).
    Maybe you can purge the cache? (ACP initial page)

  • I did purge the cache. But the same problem persists. I can provide any additional data if necessary.
  • Hi,
    Sorry, did not understand your last post.
  • Hello, problem still present and extension work as old (not modifed sociallogin_acp_module.php ) version:
    after log in user still not logged, "reload" (Ctrl+R in some browser) page not help.
    after pressing some url ( index url for example) in browser i have url+?sid=sometext and logged user, after pressing some link again i have url in browser without sid and all work normal.
  • Hi,
    What is the URL to which you are setting the redirect?

    Also, could you try something else?
    In the same file: ext/oneall/sociallogin/acp/sociallogin_acp_module.php,
    Line: 2316,
    redirect ($config ['oa_social_login_redirect'], false, true);
    redirect (append_sid ($config ['oa_social_login_redirect']), false, true);

  • No change, still does not work. My forum url is http://peugeotclub.ba.

    Just for testing, I tried to redirect to page http://peugeotclub.ba/test, but nothing happens.

    I'm still on the index page after login, and that index page looks like I'm not logged in until I click on some link in the forum.

    P.S. I cleared the cache after this change.
  • Hi,
    Does this error occur when you choose a custom url to redirect to (in the extension settings)?

    We do not really know what could be causing this. Maybe another extension is handling the redirection (core.functions.redirect event)?
  • edited February 2016
    Hello, i copy fresh archive of ext from your site and install it and in my settings redirect option - blank row. I checked all extension, in my forum problem with "Tapatalk" ext (last version), if i switch off tapatalk ext, then oneall login work fine!
    but tapatalk settings not have any redirect options, and small question, how i can use tapatalk and one all together?
    I am sorry that he did not think about the other extensions!
    Best regards!
  • Hi,
    Good, thanks for checking this!

    Tapatalk seems to interfere with redirects (from a brief look at their code: they listen to the mentioned redirect event).

    There was one previous user who reported problems displaying Social Login icons on mobile with Tapatalk. So, we're not certain if both extensions would work.

    Maybe you can identify if there is a way to configure Tapatalk's redirect options.
    We may look into this, but we cannot promise much.

  • So, that's the problem. We also use Tapatalk. But I don't see any options for redirect in ACP. I don't see what for they are using redirect.
  • Thanks for the information.

    We will look at the Tapatalk/Social Login mix, and try to get them to work together for redirections initially.

  • That's great. Thanks. I hope we will see the update soon.
  • Hi,
    We cannot quite get the error reproduced with Tapatalk, yet.
    However, could you possibly try this work-around (Sorry for the experimentation!):

    In file: ext/tapatalk/tapatalk/event/main_listener.php
    Change line 485: $data['return'] = true;
    Into: $data['return'] = false;

    This could impact the rest of Tapatalk (but hopefully should not).

  • Igor_MarićIgor_MarićMember
    edited February 2016
    This solves both problems for me. Just to note that I kept all previous changes we tried. Question is, what does this do to the Tapatalk?

    And experimentation is not a problem, it's important that we solve the problem.
  • Hi,

    Parsing through the Tapatalk code, there was no obvious impact for this change.
    We'll have another look, and perhaps submit this change to Tapatalk folks (the real fix would be to get rid of more code in Tapatalk, but this experiment was to prove the point in a least intrusive way).

    Only the first fix ($config one) is required with custom redirects.
    The other is a minor improvement.
    We have both changes in the next Phpbb extension release (2.4.10), and already available from github repository.
  • That's great. Thank you for your help.

  • We have a new version of the plugin. Fingers crossed :-)

    We have sent you the updated zip file, as email attachment.
    Could you possibly test it out with the Tapatalk extension?

  • Hi,
    Just an update to clarify the status: we have identified the cause for this error, and have a proposed fix in the OneAll plugin to work better with Tapatalk (without changes in Tapatalk).
    As soon as this fix is further validated, we'll distribute it.
    The small change to Tapatalk mentioned earlier in this post seems to work, but we'd rather avoid the risk of breaking Tapatalk.
    Thanks to those involved with this for your help!
  • I'm happy to report that both problems are fixed. Thanks. I'm glad I could help.
  • This is cool, thx for fix !


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