Feature to hide Login name and Password

Good day all,

I'm trying to see if there is a setting/feature to hide the username and password from the registration and/or login forms in Drupal?
i.e. Only use OneAll social for ALL logins. I've noticed this feature is available in hybridauth and thus wanted to find out of this exists in OneAll, and if not, where can I request such an enhancements (oppose to manually editing the files to achieve this)

Thanking you in advance


  • Hi,
    Which Drupal version are you suing? (7 or 8)
    One way is to use the blocks. You can place a Social Login block, as you would any other block.
    The Social Login block only shows the icons, not the user name and password.
    Then, remove the login block (which shows these 2 fields).
    The block feature for Drupal 8 is only available from github.com at the moment, not from the Drupal repository. We want to push there soon, but haven't done so yet :-)
    Post back if you need more information!


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