I am not able to activate social login on my phpbb forum

Hello Sir,

I am using phpbb version 3.1.6 and want to activate social login on my phpbb forum. I have followed the process which was mentioned on the following URL:
I have not got any error during the process, but when I click on "Auto deduct API Connection" under "API Connection", I am not getting any message as you have mentioned on the process "You should receive a green success message".
I have also consulted with our server admin, according to him "Ports 80 and 443 are allowed in the server".

My server admin have asked for API path SO, which path can I provide them to check the issue? If the issue occurring from server end?

Also Please let me know from your end, what can I do to start the social login utility on my phpbb forum.


  • Hi Arvind,
    In the OneAll settings, try setting the API Subdomain to: winsomehost .
    (maybe it currently is tech.winsomehost.com)

  • Hello Sir,

    Actually I am a new user, so please let me know the steps where I have to update the "winsomehost"
    at the place of tech.winsomehost.com

  • Hi,
    There seem to be 2 issues here. First, the Autodetect API Connection, then the subdomain setting.

    If the autodetect API connection does not work, then choose fsockopen, or try installing CURL, if it is not present.
    The autodetect button tries to access http://www.oneall.com/ping.html or https.
    Test if you can access this URL from your server (curl command line command, or some php code).
    Are you getting an error message in the PhpBB settings page?

    For the subdomain, in your PhpBB's ACP, go to the extension's settings page, and modify the settings in the API credentials section to match those of the app.oneall.com settings for your application. And save.
    Then, maybe try out the different API Connection settings.

    Hope this helps.


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