How can I change the Place of the plugin?

The plugin works just fine, but it appears on overall_header_content_before
I want it to put it on overall_footer_content_after.

Can you guys help me out acheiving this? Thanks!


  • Hi,
    You need to create another template file:
    - start from an existing file, such as overall_header_content_before.html
    - copy it and rename it to overall_footer_content_after.html, in the same directory (styles/all/template/event)
    - edit this new file to replace text "header_content_before" with "footer_content_after",
    it should occur in 2 places in that file. You can use any other text, but it must be unique.
    Perhaps you need to clear caches, and possibly de-activate/activate extension.

    Hope this helps.


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