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I have installed Oneall for my Opencart site - htttp:// -

1. In the Module Setting, Communication settings / Api settings is verified successfully.

2. I have also created the facebook app for login.

3. When I click on the Facebook Login button, it connects to the app and comes back to this URL

4. It is stuck in this URL

5. I have a theme called Villa theme.

Please can you help in letting me know what I have done wrong.



  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited February 2016
    That is difficult to say without additional information.
    Is there any error in the logs?
    Which version of the extension are you using? Did you upgrade from a previous version, or is this a fresh install?
    Does the empty page occur for every login?
    Does it occur for registration? (for a new user)
    If you move to another page, is the user logged in?
    Are you using additional modules that may edit the routes?

    Sorry for the additional questions :-)
  • I have the same identical problem. No errors in the logs. Downloaded the module yesterday from opencart. Empty page every time. Occurs for new user. User not logged in moving to another page. Api settings et al are green. Get the interim page saying "You have logged in with facebook" then it goes to .../index.php?route=module/oneall and hangs. I've very few extra modules installed.
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited February 2016
    The login process aborts, for an unknown reason, that is difficult to identify.
    So separately (in a email attachment), we have sent you a debug version of a file, that you may copy into your installed OpenCart, and which should report some debug information.
    This is probably asking a lot from you. So, any help is appreciated, but we understand if it is too much to ask for.

  • Hi,

    On one instance of the error report, this problem was due to extra white space in the credentials (private or public key) when entered in the module's configuration.
    The verification worked, but not the site. We'll be fixing this shortly.
    In the meantime, you may want to double-check the white space in credentials fields, either trailing or leading white space.

    Big thanks to Tomas_Hourican for his help!

  • A new version is available for OpenCart (version 1.1) from their extension directory ( login).


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