Login is not succeeding

We have installed Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Paypal, twitter and MS live.
(Facebook we have still to set up)

Create an account with one of the buttons does not work and is redirecting to /customer/account/login/ again.
We have tested before and those buttons created accounts, we removed the accounts and reuse of the same credentials is not creating accounts anymore.

trying a new social account, it is created, but still no redirect to the customers account.

Even after clearing cookies.
Tested with manually creating an account on our site: We have set account confirmation with an email.
After confirming, the client is redirected to the customer account

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    This looks like a known bug. It is fixed, but not released yet, but will be very shortly as version 1.1.2 (we're releasing a few extensions at the moment).
    It is however already available on github (https://github.com/oneall/social-login-magento).
    We can keep you informed on this post.


  • Hi,
    Now it creates accounts for google, linkedin, paypal, twitter and live.
    But for twitter it creates: 30f8f05a69ea1d87e70c@example.com

    And still redirected to the current page.
    The login is not working, because we have set email confirmation after regular registration set to Yes. After set to No, it works.
    You will find this here: system configuration/ customer/Customer configuration/Create New Account Options : Require Emails Confirmation

    But we need to have this confirmed for regular accounts.
  • Hi,

    Ok, so the social login fails because email confirmation is required (social login tries to login the user immediately and redirects him to his account, which will fail).
    Does the user receive the email, can he confirm, and can login then?

    Twitter does not provide email addresses (unless exceptional application permission is approved), so email confirmation is not possible for these accounts.
    Is the Twitter login the problem you are now facing?

  • Hi,
    When testing, all accounts sent a registration email with username and password (excluding Twitter). But we do not receive an activation email when activated this in Magento.
  • Hi,
    We've identified a bug about this (not sending confirmation email when requested by configuration), and will be releasing a correction very shortly.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • hi,
    i have installed and activated oneall in my magento 1.9.All configuration is done properly without any problem.but only thing i not satisfied is,if i login using any social login such as google or facebook it redirects to the same page,instead i needed to redirect to the customer dashboard.


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