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When I am logging in with twitter account at my wordpress site it does not use the account email and creates a new account for the same user. Please, advise.


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    It wouldn't be secure to link accounts based on the user's input. A user could enter the adminstrator's email address and gain access to that account. For this reason the plugin won't link accounts using manually entered email addresses.

    There is howerve a solution for existing users. They can simply open their profile settings, and there they can see a list of social network icons. They only need to click on an icon to link/unlink the social network.


  • Bob_DamanBob_DamanMemberModerator
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    Twitter unfortunately does not provide the user's email address. What you can do is ask your users to manually enter their email address in case it's not provided by the social network.

    To do so, please login to your WordPress admin area, go to Social Login \ Settings and enable the following option: If the user's social network profile has no email address, should we ask the user to enter it manually?
  • Ok. That works for a new user. But if someone has an account already and want to use twitter it does not accept the email saying "account with this email already exists". Yet, even when cancelled, it creates a duplicate account anyway. Is there a way around it?
  • Well, I think, once they have created a duplicate account, users will not be able to link to other accounts for the same reason. It is an inconvenience but you are right - security comes first.



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