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Hi! I run into problem with opencart implimentations. I need more layouts and positions in order to implement OneAll into Login Ajact.
I need Layout : Footer and Position: Header Login (CosyOne Opencart theme)
Any help? thank you in advance . website:


  • Hi,
    We do not have that theme, so we can not check the limitation you describe.
    However, the layout and position should independent of our extension (we do not have a fixed list or anything like that), so you should be able to add the Oneall icons in whatever layout and positions.
    When configuring the layouts and positions, you cannot edit the layout to add the OneAll module?

  • Hi!
    Thank you for your reply. If you need some theme files I can provide you with them and I have a test site with almost the similar as commercial site configuration, if you need to test.
    Your module allows to use FOOTER as layout , but as position only available are: Top, Botoom Left , Right..
    I think it is not more about theme but about Ajax Login from Dreamvention (we used their socia login module, but we were not satisfied with the quality of the product. it was a nightmare in contrast to your module what is really working, but login thing is very important, We think it can be useful to many clients)
  • Hi,
    Hum, our module does not define any extra positions or layouts. It simply uses the existing ones. If you can add a custom position, then you'll be able to add the module there.
    We could add an extra position, but this is somewhat outside the scope of this module.
    Sorry about this.



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