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This is something that we as a group are looking into so i thought i would ask here.

We have a basic android app that we want to share with our facebook group, however we dont want just anyone being able to use the app.
My question: Is there a way that your API could integrate the app and our phpbb forum (we are rebuilding the forum and plan to use social login on the forum, working absolutely perfect on a test). What we really need: for users to be able to login to the app via social login and the app checks phpbb that they are:
A. a registered user
B. they are in a specific group or groups if we include moderator and admin
if the above returns true then allow access to the app.

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Just some comments, but no solution:
    - there is a mobile SDK for Social Login that you can use for your app. But, this is not connected to PhpBB though,
    - PhpBB, AFAIK, does not yet have an API you could use from your app to check permissions, you could always hack something together though,
    - So, maybe the mobile app can login to PhpBB, with Social Login, to achieve both functions?


  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    Answer ✓
    One starting point could be the Oneall callback URL.
    In case of a successful social login, the user gets redirected to a URL of your choice.
    That URL may actually be a PHP script that looks up the DB as you mention.
    There could be alternatives based on where the look up originates from (ex: JS), but a server-side script gives you security because the DB credentials would be on the server.
    You would know better on the alternative options (mobile) though!
    Hope this helps.


  • thanks fred.
    I think i could write a php file that would check the user row in the database and return back true or false for group id then return a json statement of true or false. Im just not sure where to start with it, I am starting to understand a little more though which is always a good thing.


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