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Hi at all.

We have set up the OneAll Social Login using the default theme for OpenCart and all went nicely. For some reasons we had to change the template for a custom theme ("rGen" by viethemes, which is very similar to "journal" I think). Now the Headline "Social Login" is visible but the buttons are not...

I am no coder by any means, but I know that our theme uses layout positions that are different from the default layouts. This causes some trouble with many 3rd party modules. Does anyone has a clue/workaround for this?

Thanks in advance


  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Can we access your website?

    Also, you can change the layout position for our plugin from the settings.

  • https://www.mindshirt.de/shop2/

    I can also provide you with an AdminAccount. Please contact me by eMail: ingo.juelich@mindshirt.de

    Change of position does not show any effect, already tried it.
  • Hi Ingo,

    First, did you fill in your Oneall subdomain in the plugin configuration?
    (you can also test the settings, but do not forget to save the settings)

  • I have made all correct settings and the module runs pretty well with the default template of OC. When I switch to our custom template the Login buttons are not showing up, only the headline "Social Login" is visible. I have also tried to change the positioning of the buttons without success.
    I had send you a mail with the admin Login. Please check. ;)
  • Hi,
    Thanks. I have not received the email. Look at my forum profile for the email address (@oneall.com).
    Another user is reporting a similar problem with a custom theme. So there is something wrong here, that we like to fix.

  • Hi,

    The Oneall module's library (...socialize/library.js) does not get added to the header of the page (register/login) for your theme.
    We do not know why :-(
    One possible thing to check is: do you have in the file header.tpl of your theme (catalog/theme/common/header.tpl), some text like: <?php foreach ($scripts as $script) { ?>
    There could be other things interfering with the header scripts loaded (and there are errors in the logs for your site related to theme).
    Maybe contacting the theme authors could help.

  • OK, I will check with the themes developer. Thank you!
  • I got an answer from the theme developer saying that OneAll seems not to work properly with his template. To solve this we should switch to the default OC template... :(

    To be honest, this is no option because we have chosen this theme for it's possibilties and overall look and feel. So, if we can't get OneAll running with this theme we have to find a different sollution.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the info!
    Ok, perfectly understand your point.

    If you want, you can send us the header.tpl for the theme, and perhaps we can tweak it to make it work (depends on the complexity and all).

  • Would be great!

    So I send the header.tpl to your hands?
  • Yes. Can't promise anything though, but we'll have a look.
    Email address is mentioned in the profile page.
  • Problem is solved thanks to the amazing help of Fred Pinel!

    Thanks a lot!!!


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