Can't get all public linkedin profile.

Hi there,

Some of my user login with linkedin, but the info about them is not complete. For example, one user have 6 working experiences, but in oneall only get one. And he can't even get any education info.

I also tried with my own linkedin profile.

In my linkedin configuration, my working experience is public, can be access by anyone.
In my oneall account, my setting for linkedin profile is "Shared Content".

But when I login my website with linkedin account, it turns out I can only get my first experience.

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    This is normal behaviour.
    A regular Linkedin application will not deliver this extra information (to our plugin or any other).
    To get the extra info you want, your Linkedin app must go through the "Apply with LinkedIn program" (so, request this information for your app).
    Once you get approval, you must also request these extra fields in the Oneall app settings for Linkedin. If you tick before your app is authorized to provide this, you will not get the info.

    Hope this helps.



  • Here's detail from linkedin document.
    positions: An object representing the member's current position.See Position Fields for a description of the fields available within this object.

    It seems basic access to linkedin can only see one current position.


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