error on login attempts

getting error Error: Could not load template /home/superpho/public_html/! in /home/superpho/public_html/ on line 26

notice that the link is default/template/default/template it is repeated where it should not be i have checked basic.php and there is no reference to this any help would be appriciated


  • Hi,
    Yes, there is something wrong in the template paths, as used by:
    We are not sure where this file comes from (another module or theme).
    Could you post the content of that file? (if not too large)
    What is the value of DIR_TEMPLATE in your config.php ? (under your installation's home directory, maybe: /home/superpho/public_html/
    Should be something like:
    define('DIR_TEMPLATE', '/home/superpho/public_html/');

  • Hi,
    Are you using OpenCart version 2.2?



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