Sharing API \ Publish to multiple social networks at once

I am having issues with using the API to share on LinkedIn and Google+

It works fine for Facebook and Twitter ... am I missing something that needs to be done differently for these 2 sites?

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    I'm sorry but there seems to be a confusion. We in fact support sharing using the sharing icons (i.e the user clicks on an icon and can then enter a message to share). We however currently do not support Google sharing through the API.

    i.e. OAuth Access Token / OAuth Refresh Token / User Identifier / OAuth Access Token - Expiration Date

    Yes. These fields are in fact not meant to be editable. Either they have a checkbox, and then then you can enable/disable the data retrieval, or they have no checkbox and then the data is always being retrieved.



  • Ok ... LinkedIn working but not Google+
  • Twitter is ignoring the picture URL .. is there a fix for this or a known solution?
  • Hi,
    Basic testing shows the Google+ sharing to work.
    What is the code you are using?

  • I am currently using the same code that I use for publishing to both Facebook and LinkedIn. Only the provider is different i.e. specified as 'google'
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    Reading your documentation I read this: -

    "This resource is only available for providers that have been fully configured and for users that have given consent to publish activity on their behalf. We currently support activity posting for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter."

    Is this true that Google is not supported, as it contradicts your previous reply that it seems to be working?
  • Take a look at my account as I'm not sure if this is the reason for Google+ not working.

    I have enabled Google+ API in my developers account as instructed.

    However, under the oneall settings for Google, the section "Google API Access" it has all the fields empty with no way of editing it.

    i.e. OAuth Access Token / OAuth Refresh Token / User Identifier / OAuth Access Token - Expiration Date


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