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I installed the mod . If I register with Facebook (or Twitter ) after registering sends me back to the login box . With the message: You are not allowed to manage this forum.

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Hi Carlos,
    Thanks. Replied back.
    One thing is the callback URI, which looks mixed up, perhaps by the rewriting of the URI of the site's pages ([...]oasl\/_callback;oasl_source=registration should be [...]oasl_callback;oasl_source=registration).



  • someone?
  • Hi,
    Maybe some information would be useful:
    - which version of SMF are you using?
    - are there any messages in the logs?
    - is there a public URI we can access?

  • Hi Fred , thanks for your reply. I use SMF version 2.0.11 . I have no errors in the log . I send the URL as a PM .


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