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Hey guys.
I moved my SMF forum to another server, so I had to reinstall SMF and Social Login (althought I keept the database intact).

The problem is: when I click to access with Facebook, a pop-up appears, loads, I get redirected to the "You are being redirected" page, and then, get back to the login page.

There are no error messages, neither from Social Login, nor from Facebook.

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  • GOL_VirtualGOL_VirtualMember
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    I managed to install the package via the Admin Panel, changing the CHMOD of the files that would be updated.

    Now it's working.



  • Hi,
    Is there a URL we can access for this new site?
    The error you get is for previously registered users (on the old site), or for all users?

  • Hi Fred

    The error is for previously registered users, on the login form.
  • Hi,
    Did you change the Oneall application, or are you using the same one?
    You can use the same application.

  • GOL_VirtualGOL_VirtualMember
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    I did a clean install of SMF. Then I manually installed Social Login (except for the database changes) opening each file and adding the entries (IDK why my SMF is not connecting to my FTP).

    After this, I deleted the new SMF database and replaced with my old server's database backup.
  • Hi,
    What is the URL after failed login? (maybe it has extra parameters which could here narrow the issue)
    Another thing could be clearing the cache?

  • I don't know the URL for sure, because it's redirected very fast, but I can see the "You're being redirected" page.
    The cache is cleared every time I close my browser.
  • Hi,
    manually installed Social Login (except for the database changes) opening each file and adding the entries.
    How did you do this? The mod includes a list of modification (modification.xml).
    Did the regular install procedure for the mod not work?

  • GOL_VirtualGOL_VirtualMember
    edited April 2016
    By doing this:



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