Save Facebook location data to user meta

Is it possible to save the location data from Facebook to the user meta data


  • Hi,
    Provided your Facebook app can request this information, this link shows you how to do this:
    You need to adjust the example field ('gender') to your field.
    (you also need to tick user_location in the

  • Thank you. How can I see what data is brought over from Facebook in $identity
  • Hi,
    One way is to log a dump of the $identity variable, such that you can inspect it without disturbing your web site.
    So, in your action hook (the action hook described above), add:
    error_log(print_r($identity, true));
    Then, you need to point to whatever info you want, using PHP syntax.
    If this is a problem, send us (email, PM) an example $identity dump and we can provide you with the code.



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