Fb login not able to move to next activity

Hi Team

1. I have embedded sdk to the app and it is working well. However, when i login from twitter it redirect to my next activity. But when i login from fb it remain to the OAMainActivity page.

2. Second issue is when i move to my second activity which is webview. I doesnt show me the user is logged in. It show we need to login again on webview. How to pass the authentication to the webview after login from fb or twitter.

Thanks for your prompt response.


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Jasmeet,

    could you tell us how to reproduce the error so that we can test it?

  • Hi Claude

    Thanks for your response.

    Actually when i get successfully login with twitter then it move to the next activity which is webview of my website. I have added the oneall social login to the post page where user can add his post only if he/she is logged in. However, it shows me the option to login. Which should not be there..!!!

    I want to pass the login credentials from the OAMainActivity to Webview so that, it should show the option to add the post directly and not the option to login.

    Your response will be highly appreciated. :)

    Jasmeet Sachdeva

  • Hi Claude

    Can you please let me know how to skip the OAManager activity and directly move to the Webview activity if the user is already login. I used if statement with intent to check the Access-Token of NativeLoginRequest, if the user if first timer then it will show OAManager page to login to the app otherwise move to 3rd activity(Webview activity).

    please find the snippet below :
    private void updateWithToken(NativeLoginRequest.Request.User.Identity.Source.AccessToken accessToken) {
    if (accessToken != null) {
    OAManager.getInstance().login(MainActivity.this, loginHandler);
    } else {

    Intent i = new Intent(MainActivity.this, Main2Activity.class);

    In this I am unable to declare my "updateWithToken" to the splashscreen activity final declaration.

    Jasmeet Sachdeva
  • Hi,
    Afraid I don't know really. Maybe you can post your question to the Android SDK git repository?



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